To Do


Use this page to add a list of tasks for admins or users.

Admin and/or developer only tasks[edit]

See also the proposed technical specifications.

  1. Statistics table and/or calculation tool for exercises/examples (statistics: F, t, normal, χ²)
  1. add forms/tools (like the create page that I made here: to make creating pages more user friendly
  2. Import other templates/tools/help pages from wikipedia to make it easy to add warnings/boxes to tops of pages (e.g., This is a stub... or this lacks documentation,.... or specific to OPOSSEM.... this lacks problem sets...)
  3. create/modify special pages that will make it easier for people to find stubs/'wanted pages' or other pages that need attention (need problem sets, etc) etc.

Any user tasks[edit]

  1. Write OPOSSEM:Manual of Style, and other OPOSSEM specific help/documentation files, such as 'how to create a book' , 'how to create custome pages in a subpage of your user page to be included in your custom book'
  2. Clean Help files to make OPOSSEM specific (I imported from mediawiki/wiki and wikipedia)
  3. Go through the sprint material and add boxes/warnings/things needed boxes to the tops of pages
  4. go through sprint material to put together initial suggested ordering of content
  5. add categories/tag pages with categories
  6. go through sprint material to either merge or divide pages/identify areas of duplication