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* [ All help pages]
* [ All help pages]
* [[Special:FewestRevisions|Pages with the fewest revisions]]
* [[OPOSSEM:To_Do|To_Do]]
* [[OPOSSEM:To_Do|To_Do]]
* [[OPOSSEM:Specifications|Specifications]] <- specifications page (work in progress!)
* [[OPOSSEM:Specifications|Specifications]] <- specifications page (work in progress!)

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Welcome to the OPOSSEM Wiki
43 articles in English

Pages that list other pages or tasks[edit]

How to get involved[edit]

To login to the OPOSSEM wiki, users first need to create an account at the main OPOSSEM site. Then, when they return to, they will be logged in here and have an account automatically created. [This is not yet fully automated; bear with us. If you change your name at the main site, you will end up with 2 wiki accounts.]

  1. Before editing or creating pages, please read about OPOSSEM's special organization. You may also be interested to read about the technical specifications for the development of the site, which we hope to have begin in Summer 2012. This explains how the wiki organizes textbook pages, glossary items, and the snippets of code that call up equations. You might also want to read about Creative Commons Licensing.
  2. Choose a page from the list below, and start creating a page. Or, add a different page on another topic.
  3. Help add to our documentation by adding a suggestion to Help:Wanted. Or, help elaborate the norms and standards of our community by adding a page to the OPOSSEM namespace (OPOSSEM:PageName).
  4. You can also edit, update or add to the list of definitions.
  5. Or you can clean up links in our pages by adding links to the appropriate Wikimedia pages. See Special:WantedPages for a list of broken links. Go to the pages with the link (follow the "cited by" link), and correct it using the appropriate Interwikimedia_links.
  6. Add a task or suggestion to the To_Do page.

List of undergraduate textbook pages[edit]

Below is the list of modules identified/created at last summers' OPOSSEM workshops. Feel free to add and/or revise this list. Please keep in mind that these pages/articles will later need to be edited/combined into textbook chapters. Titles in RED need to be created.

Statistical Tables and Other Useful References[edit]

Online resources and tools[edit]

(Feel free to add others here)


OPOSSEM sites and other open-source statistical resources[edit]

Online statistical texts and course resources[edit]

Statistical Software[edit]

Datasets for examples[edit]

Wiki Help[edit]

Writing LaTeX equations[edit]

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